Oilfield Services in Estevan

Our experienced crews at Double J Oilfield Construction Ltd. provides Estevan, Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan with comprehensive services for the oil and gas industry. Our technicians are knowledgeable and take all safety measures, delivering innovative and time efficient solutions, in a cost effective manner. From oilfield steaming to battery turnarounds, we will have you up and running, producing at the most profitable level. Read below about the services we specialize in, then call us to see how we can help you.

Industrial & Commercial Sandblasting & Painting

New to Double J Oilfield we are now offering industrial and commercial sandblasting and painting! From fire tubes, tanks, treaters and piping are only just some of the industrial sandblasting and painting services we offer. As for commercial sandblasting we will take care of your service rigs, semi trailers, farm equipment and all your other sandblasting and painting needs.


We have a fleet of mobile boilers and steamer units that we use to deliver steam safely and efficiently for your oilfield needs. Our steamers do rig washing, pipeline thawing, culvert melting, equipment cleaning and a variety of oilfield and commercial steaming jobs.

Oilfield Construction Maintenance

Our knowledgeable and experienced crews are available for your oilfield maintenance, construction and repairs. Prevention maintenance is the key to keeping a safe, quality environment, and we help our clients keep their production and equipment in top notch shape. Our routine and preventative maintenance services and inspections can help ensure that your oilfield continues to run smoothly.

Excavating/Trenching Services

We offer top of the line excavation, trenching services and commercial oil spill clean ups. We provide the importance of skilled and trained professionals.

Snow Removal

Our team of snow removal technicians are ready to tackle the snow, making your parking lot safe for your employees and customers. We also have a lot of experience removing snow for oilfields. We remove snow around all of your equipment. We make sure each and every snow event is handled effectively and efficiently. You will no longer have to worry about snow removal again! Our team will be ready throughout the winter season to handle all your snow removal needs.

Battery Turnarounds

With our services, you will reduce the risk and downtime with our streamlined turnaround service. Our turnarounds can potentially lead to huge gains in the oilfield’s productivity and output. With a focus on safety, careful planning and clear communication, we can have your turnaround completed in a time efficient manner.

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